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Day of Firsts

My First Quilting Guild Meeting and my First 2012 Project Finished!
I am absolutely delighted to have met the lovely ladies at the Sydney Modern Quilting Guild yesterday.

This was my first meeting and my education in fabric, hand quilting, paper piecing and labelling has just grown exponentially.

It is so refreshing to meet people who speak in ‘quilters language’, who are so encouraging and to be frank just nice people.

Thank you for motivating me to keep going with my quilting projects and thank you for restoring my faith in humanity; that nice people still exist in the world.

And now with delight I can announce that I’ve completed my first quilting project of 2012.

Baby Annabelle’s quilt.

It was a cloudy overcast day – so sorry for the lack of sunny light.

Hubs (an engineer who is far better at maths than me) and I worked out measurements from Bijou’s lovely design.

Now that I look at the photo I should have framed it with a white border (probably 2 inches or so) before I bordered it.

I purchased all of my fabric from Spotlight and am definitely going through a pink/orange/yellow phase.

Here is the back.

I quilted this in straight lines from my home machine.

This square, on an angle in the top right corner, is all improvisation. No measurements – just cutting squares and pieced together.

And finally I made baby Annabelle a  little matching bib with all of the scraps.


I made the back with a lovely yellow flannel and finished it off with a little velcro snap.

My next project is from the lovely Alissa’s collection.

Happy Quilting.



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Look at my presents! I have been absolutely spoiled by the lovely Candace.

These threads are gorgeous.

And this fabric looks fun!

Again – thanks to the lovely Khris for organising.

I’ll sign off with a preview of what I’m working on now. I’m attempting a bright and colourful version of Bijou’s design.

And the applique of Annabelle.

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Baby Quilt Idea…

We travelled to Sydney this weekend to visit family and I convinced hubs to let me make a quick stop at Spotlight. I am so very glad I did because I picked up these gorgeous fabrics and thread. I’m really loving the pinks and oranges together. Not sure if it’s becoming ‘old fashioned’ but I’m still enjoying it.

This is my inspiration to make a baby quilt for our brand new baby cousin Annabelle.

I’ve been looking for ideas from the wonderful modern quilters in the States – namely Alissa’s latest baby quilt and the lovely Latifah who ALWAYS inspires me with her beautiful use of circles and half circles. I will have a play with the fabric and see if it works scrappy or straight. I am a huge fan of both and shall ultimately let the fabric decide. Hubs will often put in his two cents as well – and as an engineer – I usually get him to work out my measurements when I’m feeling lazy.

 I also spent the driving time (as the passenger of course) sewing the binding of my FRIENDS swap place mats by hand.

They are finishing up nicely and now just need a really good iron.

And now to enjoy the Canberra long weekend.

Happy sewing!

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