Baby Quilt Idea…

We travelled to Sydney this weekend to visit family and I convinced hubs to let me make a quick stop at Spotlight. I am so very glad I did because I picked up these gorgeous fabrics and thread. I’m really loving the pinks and oranges together. Not sure if it’s becoming ‘old fashioned’ but I’m still enjoying it.

This is my inspiration to make a baby quilt for our brand new baby cousin Annabelle.

I’ve been looking for ideas from the wonderful modern quilters in the States – namely Alissa’s latest baby quilt and the lovely Latifah who ALWAYS inspires me with her beautiful use of circles and half circles. I will have a play with the fabric and see if it works scrappy or straight. I am a huge fan of both and shall ultimately let the fabric decide. Hubs will often put in his two cents as well – and as an engineer – I usually get him to work out my measurements when I’m feeling lazy.

 I also spent the driving time (as the passenger of course) sewing the binding of my FRIENDS swap place mats by hand.

They are finishing up nicely and now just need a really good iron.

And now to enjoy the Canberra long weekend.

Happy sewing!


I have been working on a new project for my FRIENDS swap partner Candace so I wont show you the final product.

I’m still not confident with what letter this falls under but I’m leaning towards ‘S’ – Sunny. For obvious reasons.

The pattern is based on Elizabeth Hartman’s pattern from her fabulous blog Oh Fransson!

Three blocks…. a few more to go. It’s been a delight to be reunited with my sewing machine.

Sorry about the blurry images – my lenses needs a clean.

More project fun to follow.




Hi everyone. Head on over to Alissa’s Blog and check out her Action Kivu Fundraiser.

Action Kivu is a nonprofit that helps women who are victims of the conflict in Eastern Congo by teaching them to sew.

Click on the image below to take you to the Action Kivu website.

I donated this evening to this great cause and encourage everyone to chip in if you can. Alissa has kindly organised a bonus incentive – giving all of us quilters the opportunity to win fabric to match our donation. The fabric is beautiful – and motivating me to take my sewing machine out of hibernation.

Happy Quilting!



I’m loving this little owl. I think most modern quilters are over the owl phase… I’m not quite there yet.

This little owl is sitting in the centre of an 11 inch square block… any ideas what I should do with it? I’m thinking an owl in each corner of a baby quilt – or sitting on an applique branch surrounded by colourful leaves.

Here’s a mini tutorial to show you how I got here. After sketching the little owl to the size I wanted, I drew the separate images into workable pieces onto cardboard.

Then cut them out and put it all together.

Then iron your chosen pieces of fabric onto Heat’n’Bond paper. Cut the material out and piece the little owl together. Do you like our funky ironing board cover?

Then piece the little guy together.

Very cute – very fun!

Have a lovely evening!

Sewing Scraps

Oh Fransson has a fabulous blog with an incredible range of modern projects.

I stumbled across this one earlier this evening and decided to hack into my scraps of material. I only really keep the small scrappy pieces of fabric that I couldn’t bare to throw out.

I think I will have to make another trip to Spotlight to purchase the correct interfacing product – Elizabeth notes she uses a very lightweight Pellon.

I haven’t quite decided what I want the final piece to be – a mini quilt? table mats? pillow cases? Any thoughts out there?

I also managed to snap this shot of my cat Bacon as she was creeping off to bed. I think she was a bit tired!

I’m very much looking forward to my trip to Melbourne for the Easter long weekend. Do any Melbournites have any suggestions of what I should not miss out on when I’m down there.

I had better get a move on with my table mats for mothers day too! Not many days left to finish them. I’ve just had so many other fun ideas to work on.

Hubby and I also went to purchase a new book case for my sewing things! My sewing space is looking great! I’ll post up a few pictures next blog.

Night all.


Aqua Runner

I made this table runner for my Aunt who has a reeeeaaaaalllyyy long kitchen table and a large aqua coloured wall in the background.

I was inspired by Lizzie’s table runner at My Loose Threads.

I used an iron on transfer to leave this message which took a couple of practices to get right.

I wrapped this off ready to post this morning.

I’ve organised a mini sewing bee this coming week! I better bake something too 🙂


It’s getting cold in Canberra! The Autumn colours are beautiful. Inspiration for another quilt maybe….

Civic - Autumn